EcoCanny’s guiding principle is to offer products made of compostable raw materials from renewable resources.

Beyond the sales activities and the new and emerging market challenges typical of this field, we firmly believe that generating profit today implies the restitution – albeit in different form – of what is removed from the environment during the production process. This commitment is also championed by an increasingly informed consumer population, aware of their purchasing and recycling decisions, willing to spend more to pollute less and to pursue collective wellness goals that are today perceived as urgent.

For us, sustainability is not an empty declaration, but rather a set of choices and actions aimed at improving the quality of our lives and that of future generations.
That is why we have decided to invest only in simple and natural materials – bagasse, birch wood, recyclable cardboard – that afford a complete recovery cycle and that, at the same time, are safe for people’s health and high-performance is their intended uses.

Disposable, traditionally synonymous of waste, thus acquires dignity and takes on a foundational role in circular economy and in respect for the planet.

Every product of ours, every project, every process takes shape starting from some basic essential principles:


We choose renewable raw materials coming from controlled and regulated geographical areas, rejecting the use of petroleum derivatives. We opt for converting plants with a low energy impact that minimize the effects of our activity on the environment. We provide the consumer with proper recycling information on our products.



The long-term benefits of choosing materials that do not affect the environment go hand-in-hand with the benefits connected more directly with people’s consumption of our products. Thanks to consistent control of the different production and storage phases, we ensure the hygiene, safety, and compliance with food contact of all our tableware.


Respect for the principles above does not lessen the functionality and usefulness of our products. Our disposable range reflects different demands (cooking, storage, transport, immediate consumption of foods), meeting the requests of those fields that are progressively abandoning plastic in favor of environmentally friendly disposable products.