Lots of ways to be green

The awareness that an ecological, economical and eco-sustainable product has an important value steers Ecocanny’s production towards a new behavior in regard to the planet.
RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: use of compostable, biodegradable, oil-free materials, to safeguard the environment, companies and man.
SAVINGS: Ecocanny® may be disposed of in the organic waste bin together with food residues and become COMPOST for gardening and agriculture, safeguarding the planet and considerably reducing disposal costs.
SUSTAINABILITY: the company pursues production models that respect and safeguard human rights, the regenerative abilities of the Earth and the wellbeing of the community, promoting fair & sustainable development both socially and environmentally.

The Group - an Italian story

ECOCANNY, the “ecological heart” of the Bianucci Group was born in 2007. The first products were compostable trays coupled with a plastic film that, though valid,

forced consumers to separate the film from the tray for differentiated waste collection.
In 2010, with the progress of research, the first tray completely made out of sugar cane was born. It could be placed in the organic waste collection bin and it could be packed by welding on a plastic film created for that purpose. In 2013, a compostable film was created for a completely ecological packaging for the Retail, Consumer and Industrial markets. Market surveys underscored the fact that many consumers were looking for ecological products for daily use, finding high and rather inaccessible prices.

For this reason, in May 2012, at the PLMA show in Amsterdam, the company was awarded an innovation and environmental sustainability prize for their new of ECOCANNY® Retail line of ecological products. The aim of the brand is to expand the market with ecological products at competitive prices as an alternative to traditional materials. By using sugar cane, the company has succeeded in creating a range of biodegradable and compostable products, certified by Italian Institutions (for food contact/heat resistance in the oven and microwave/migration), German and Belgian Institutions (compostability).
In addition to the ecological aspect, it was necessary to go beyond traditional materials: ECOCANNY® products are also suitable for contact with acidic and savory foods, eliminating unwanted migrations harmful to health.

Since 2013, the number of products has greatly increased to meet every demand. In addition to the exponential increase in the Retail market, ECOCANNY® was able to enter the Catering channel, too, and the segment for supplies to public entities, with a wide range of trays for cooking, innovative design plates, cups and cutlery, continuing to launch new and always innovative products for all necessities.
For over 35 years, Bianucci Group holds an important position in the medical/hospital field.

For over 35 years, Bianucci Group has been holding an important position in the medical/hospital field.


ECOCANNY® was born to enhance the market of eco-friendly products and to respect the environment.
Positioning the brand in a very competitive segment among ecological products entailed high investments also in terms of time.
The company's goal is the high quality of its products and the lowest possible price in order to facilitate diffusion.
With these concepts, we would like to improve the environment and hence the future for the new generations, keeping household savings into primary account.

Respect for the environment above all

Ecology is a common heritage which also becomes economic as it helps the Public Administration decrease disposal costs and offer a positive environmental and financial contribution for the entire community.
The use of sugar cane for the production of elegant disposable tableware is a compostable solution.

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