Specific information on the use of cookies

Without prejudice to the provisions of the Privacy Policy of the ecocanny.it site, in this information the user can find the analytical description of the characteristics and purposes of the cookies installed by the ecocany.it site, the list of any other recipients of personal data, the indication of storage times of information, as well as indications on the possibility and methods for users to exercise their rights regarding the protection of personal data.

The user also has the possibility of knowing the coding criteria of the cookies or other tracking tools used in order to distinguish, in particular, technical cookies from analytics and marketing ones.

What are cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data, stored in text files, which are stored on your computer or other device when websites are loaded in a browser. They are widely used to ‘remember’ you and your preferences, either for a single visit (using a ‘session cookie’) or multiple repeat visits (using a ‘persistent cookie’). They ensure a consistent and efficient experience for visitors and perform essential functions such as allowing users to register for catalog browsing. Cookies can be set by the site you are visiting (known as “first party cookies”) or by third parties, such as those who provide content or provide advertising or analytics services on the website (“third party cookies”).

The data processed and the purposes of the processing

Navigation data

While browsing, our systems acquire some data (e.g. the date and time of access, the pages visited, the name of the Internet Service Provider and the IP address through which the Internet is accessed, etc.) whose transmission is implicit in the use of web communication protocols.
These data, kept for the time technically necessary, can be used in order to:

    • obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the site
    • check the correct functioning of the site.


Instead, session cookies (non-persistent) are used strictly limited to what is necessary for safe and efficient navigation of the sites. The storage of session cookies in terminals or browsers is under the control of the user who can manage his preferences according to the indications below.
The cookies used to manage our web pages are technical cookies that cannot be referred to any user and no cookies are used for visitor profiling

Ecocanny.it cookies

  • of session (which are not stored permanently on the user’s computer and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed), limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server at each new access) necessary for the use of the site and for the correct display of the contents

Third-party analytical cookies

  • Bianucci uses the following third-party analytical cookies:

      • Google Analytics, which collects, aggregates and analyzes anonymous data for a limited duration, in order to monitor and analyze the use of the site, improve its functionality, choose content and graphics more accurately and respond to the needs of visitors. All information on the operation and privacy policy relating to Google Analytics can be found at the link http://www.google.it/analytics/terms/it.html.
        In order to disable these specific cookies, Google provides a free plug-in that can be installed on the main browsers (see https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout). Non-acceptance of these cookies could prevent some features of the site.
      • Google Tag Manager which dynamically manages the insertion of tags and cookies on pages and simplifies the organization of scripts on the website. For example, the Google Analytics service is loaded via Google Tag Manager.

Consent to the installation of cookies: how to change your browser preferences in relation to cookies

Visitors can set their computer browser to accept or reject all cookies or display a warning whenever a cookie is offered, in order to evaluate whether to accept it or not. If the user sets his browser by refusing to activate cookies, the quality of the pages visited could be reduced and the browsing experience could be less effective.
Below are the instructions for managing cookies and for the functions described above for the main browsers: