All our products can be customized with an embossed company logo, a refined and minimally invasive technique that allows the product to maintain all its features of naturalness and compostability intact.

Going beyond the product means focusing also on the way it is presented by the retail company for acceptance by the final consumer.

Thanks to our repacking and labeling plant, we create packs and cartons with a content established by our customers and featuring the communication most in line with their brand image.

Additionally, we offer qualified assistance on the creation of graphics, with particular attention to the information that must necessarily be present on the label.

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Customer Care

We are convinced that a good product and a good price are the essential conditions for a first purchase, but we also firmly believe that only a qualified assistance can turn an occasional buyer into a loyal buyer.

For us, the company-customer relationship does not end with the sale of a product but continues in ensuring the choice of the best courier entrusted with its delivery, and in the full availability to resolve in the shortest time possible any issue that could compromise the satisfaction of our interlocutor.

What our customers say about us: