Our history

Team EcoCanny is comprised of people working in synergy, sensitive to environmental issues,
to the needs of changing habits, and attentive to customers’ demands.
Together, we grow day by day, also thanks to the inspirations coming from our customers.
Below are some of the milestones that underscore our journey.


Opening of the Diecimo plant

The growing need for goods storage and handling, together with the creation of a packaging area, were the spurs for the opening of a plant dedicated to logistics.
The facility, easy to reach by the main couriers, ensures a continuative service of goods receiving/shipping throughout the year.



EcoCanny and the Food Industry

Interfacing with the food industry means knowing the product in depth, continuously testing its limits and potential, to be able to respond to the variety of uses requested. There are many companies (producers of pasta, meats, dairy products above all), who turn to us for packaging solutions respectful of the environment.


EcoCanny expands abroad

Thanks to the quality of its certifications, to product customization, and to its customer care service available also across national borders, EcoCanny compostable products arrive on the shelves of supermarkets in Malta, Greece, France, Croatia, Cyprus, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.



Birth of the EcoCanny Brand

A complete range of compostable tableware begins to make its appearance on supermarket shelves and in the catalogs of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, side-by-side with disposable products in plastic, paper and aluminum. Although it is still the latter who are mostly found on Italian tables, a green alternative is slowly making headway in consumption habits.


Bianucci inaugurates the Compostable sector

The commitment to people’s health goes hand-in-hand with the commitment to safeguarding the planet. After ten years of exclusive activity in the medical and physiotherapeutic fields, Bianucci expands into compostable disposable products intended for food use, developing for a private label the first tray for cooking and serving.



Origins in the medical field

The adventure begins in the 1970s in the medical-hospital and physiotherapeutic fields. In just a few years, Bianucci becomes the reference point for hospitals, medical centers and rehab facilities for its innovative technological solutions and its after-sales service.