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In the Oven
•Fill the trays up to a maximum of 1/2 cm from the rim
•Certified time in the oven: 60 minutes at 200°C.

v1 2fornoIn Microwave
•Follow the instructions and recommendations of the oven manufacturer
•Certified usage time: 3 minutes at 800W.

termometroIn the Freezer
•Fill the trays up to a maximum of 1/2 cm from the rim in order to avoid accidental overflow
•Usage temperature: from 0° to -25°C.

banco frigoIn the Refrigerator
•Maximum storage time: 4 days.
•Usage temperature: from 0° to +10°C.

Ecocanny trays

• Suitable for oven, microwave and freezer

• It is a ready-to-use product.
It is not necessary to rinse the tray before use.

• Since it is a natural product, any change in the color of the tray during prolonged cooking/baking does not entail consequences for the requisites or for the contents of the tray itself.

• The natural origin of the product decreases the risk of accidental burns when removing the tray from the oven.

Suitable for food contact pursuant to regulation (EC) 1935/2004 and Presidential Decree n. 777/1982.

• After use, it can be disposed of in the organic waste bin together with food residues.

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