Consumers are
willing to purchase
a premium price product
if the brand is sustainable.


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Channeling pack
requirements increases
the propensity to buy



Economics and convenience
for consumers as
a message to highlight

Major companies rely
on our expertise for
an eco-friendly packaging.

Sustainable Consumers are Growing

The age brackets more willing to pay more for sustainability are the Millennials (21-34 years old) end the Z-generation (15-20 years old): the former for 73%, the latter for 72%.

In Italy, 43% of people interviewed is attentive to the fact that the producing company is eco-friendly, 38% retains it important that the packaging has a low environmental impact, and 33% confers value to the fact that the company is socially involved.

Consumers have attained a crucial degree of social and environmental responsibility also when it comes to purchasing and expect the same commitment from producers.

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An added value at zero-cost for the industry using compostable materials that can be disposed of in the organic waste bin together with food residues, in compliance with EN 13432 standard.






Important food companies
trusted us
for an eco-friendly packaging.

The Ideal Partner

Every company has its production demands.

Ecocanny is a partner who creates exclusive products for any production plant.

A great innovation are our heat-sealable trays, certified for use in the microwave for 3 minutes at 800W and in traditional ovens for 1 hour at in 200°C and for food contact, including acidic and savory foods.

In addition to respecting the environment, they are economical and practical for consumers, who can use the packaging to heat, cook and as a serving tray, and then dispose of it in the organic waste bin together with any food residues.

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