Supplies for Trade Shows




Ecocanny specializes in providing companies who offer tastings during trade show events using compostable and ecological containers.

The use of eco-friendly plates, cutlery and trays represents a marketing key for customers and facilitates disposal, since they can be disposed of in the organic waste bin together with food residues.

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Third-party production

The world of industry has always counted innovation among the foundational points of its strategy.
It is important to create new sales channels and be able to differentiate oneself.


One of our main missions is to meet this demand by proposing ourselves as suppliers of containers manufactured from waste coming from sugar production.
Our decade-long experience in the packaging field allows us to be able to meet all the demands in the realm of biodegradable and compostable containers.
A team of experts in the company caters to fulfilling the most varied demands of the clientele.
We can produce containers in different sizes, using sugar cane as well as bamboo or PLA.
We already successfully create customer-branded products for a domestic and foreign clientele.

Our products answer current national norms in force and are compliant with European norms regarding biodegradability and compostability.

Request a free estimate; we will offer you an excellent product both as far as quality and performance of the materials used.

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