Due to poor information or limitations in industrial research, often our most simple actions threaten the environment. Today's hectic life drive us to use daily products derivating from oil, thus damaging it further, increasing consumptions, demand and therefore prices.

Plastic is a derivate of oil and accounts for 8% of the total worldwide production.

It is easy to guess how much the environment would benefit from lowering of the demand, to the extent that we may reduce the price of all the other oil derivates of which is, as all know, a non-renewable source of energy.

Price gaps apparently different may then be compensated by the public administration through economical savings in waste disposal, meaning an overall benefit for the whole society.

The Ecological Division of the Group developed the 'Ecocanny' line looking at this accomplishment.

'Ecocanny' may be disposed of within organic waste collection, along with food or also be converted into compost for gardening and agriculture, meaning considerable savings for all of us.

All is useful to guarantee for us and our sons' generation a clean world, a reduction of waste amount and an economical benefit in the medium time.

Fully usable as compost and oil free, our products look at the world's safeguard, as well as that of the enterprises and mankind.

Life cycle

Sugar cane

Ecocanny is the natural choice that makes concrete the commitment to the environment.
The products are made of completely compostable, biodegradable and oil-free materials, which protect the environment, businesses and people.
The production process uses a clean technology, with zero waste, having as a raw material the sugarcane that is a renewable resource producing new crops every year.

This is the life cycle of sugar cane

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The products, after use, can be inserted into the composter or the organic along with food residues.

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