EcoCanny has always been committed to designing smart labels that illustrate to the customer all the necessary company and product information.

Even before they became mandatory on 1 January 2023, we implemented the information already present with the indications relative to environmental labeling.

It has become mandatory for producers/distributors of packaging intended for the final consumer to provide the indications to allow proper collection, reuse, recovery and recycling, and to inform consumers on the final destinations of the packaging.

The minimal information to provide on the packaging is:

  • • Type of packaging (ex: bottle, trays, flacons, label, wrapping, etc.)
  • • Identification of the material (alphanumeric code under Decision No 97/129/EC integrating with standards UNI EN ISO 1043-1:2002 or CEN/CR 14311:2002)
  • • Material family
    – steel, aluminum, plastic, paper, wood, glass, etc.
    – indications for collection (segregated or mixed), accompanied by “Check your local municipal guidelines”.

For more in-depth reading, see the official document drafted by the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition.